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    Highland / LoHi — Overview

    Three districts – Highlands Square, Tennyson, and Lower Highlands (LoHi) make up this historic area which boasts beautiful older homes, chic cocktail bars and a variety of trendy shops and restaurants. The Highlands offers a healthy blend of art, history, and progress with its mix of old and new. Overlooking downtown on the west side of the Interstate, the Highlands has been one of Denver’s hottest hangout spots for several years. The Highland townsite was established shortly after the city of Denver in 1858 and the City developers wanted to create easy access from there to Downtown. Today, you can easy cross the Highland Bridge from downtown to step into this timeless trademarked area that gives you both a nostalgic feel of older times, and a glowing buzz of diverse visitors.

    • 01. What to Expect

      Tree-lined streets, rooftop restaurants, views of downtown and a mix of historic and modern architecture.

    • 02. The Lifestyle

      Walking and biking throughout main streets and neighborhoods, First Friday art walks that promote the work of local artists.

    • 03. You Will Love

      The huge milk can of Little Man Ice Cream, an outdoor vendor with its ever-changing flavors of locally made ice cream.

    • 04. The Market

      Victorian-era houses, mid-rise condo buildings, established neighborhoods.

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